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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Although Ramiéis has been pretty much dead this past 6-12 months I still want to wish loyal readers who continue to pop by regularly and in particular those who have continued to respond to my infrequent posts a very Merry Christmas and wonderful new year! Nollaig Shona agus athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh!! See you in [...]

M6 (England) Crash

That’s disturbing is’t it? A whole family wiped out in an instant; it’s bloody sad. It depresses me thinking about it esp. as I have young kids of my own. You never know when your time is coming.


Man, i’m very disappointed today. Ever since I first saw the game Spore advertised I have been anxiously awaiting its release. The pre-release advertisements looked absolutely deadly. The problem is development took so bloody long I totally forgot about the game and missed its official release earlier this month. I just remembered it this morning [...]

Slang dictionary

I haven’t had time at all at all for posting recently. Apologies. Tings are hectic. To keep up amused here’s a cool site I discovered today Irish Slang Dictionary. Of course everyone else probably discovered it yonks ago but I’m a bit behind the times these days. Talk soon! Maca p.e. a few referrals wouldn’t [...]

We briefly tried to set up a hurling club in Finland some years back; here’s a mail the now non-existent club got this morning: Dear sir, The management of Admiral sports international Lfc, which to express their mission and goals in sport to your adorable and magnificent football club. We are into seeking, scouting and [...]

Fun with headlines

You know things are bad when i have to resort to taking the piss of news headlines just to fill up a bit of space here 1. EU will send monitors to Georgia Monitors are being packed as we speak (EU declared officially stupider than George Bush): 2. Bolivia’s president lands in Iran … setting [...]

Nigerian faces death for having 86 wives

Nigeria’s Islamic authority has told the man who has 86 wives to choose only four and repent within three days or else he will be sentenced to death. A man who can survive to the age of 84 with 86 wives deserves a medal not a death sentence! UPDATE: Looks like he is going to [...]

Shouldn’t make fun but what the heck…

Two contenders for the best email jokes of the year. PDF File Anything to declare?

My world without music (briefly)

Porter Wagoner wrote: Once my world was filled with music sweet and low When your love was mine and mine alone Now my world has lost its melody and my world is without music since you’ve left me Substitute the chic in the song for an mp3 player and you understand how I felt when [...]

Underwear chicken man!

Superidiot rather than superhero. ‘There’s always one!’ as they say.