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Passport check between Ireland & UK

What do you make of the plans to have passport controls between Ireland and the UK? The planned passport inspections would be for those travelling by air & sea but could also involve checks on people driving to Northern Ireland. While there are no plans for fixed checkpoints on the border it could mean Southern [...]

Military matters

Two military related posts for you today… • 160 troops of the 97th Infantry Battalion arrived in Chad this morning to begin their peacekeeping mission which brings to 390 the number of Irish personnel now in Chad with a further 150 to be deployed within the next two weeks. • Something interesting and indeed historic [...]

Enda Kenny’s Audition

Just spotted this on YouTube … Enda Kenny’s “audition” for American Idol. Enjoy.

Oy vey, the shame of being Irish!

Just spotted via Technorati’s ‘blog reactions’, it seems that one of my posts has caught the attention, not in a good way, of some blogger by the name of Felix Quigley. You’ll know by now, if you have been with me here for a while, that I’ve always supported our Defence Forces especially in the [...]

Ireland “debates” switch to right-hand driving

The headline on Reuters caught my attention … Ireland debates switch to right-hand driving. Really? We are debating this?? I think not. How did they get from one politician voicing his opinion to the country “debating” the issue? Their reporting of Donie Cassidy’s suggestion regarding a reduced driving limit for foreigners is also poor. As [...]

Fifa to discuss Irish player row

The football folks north of the border still aren’t accepting the FIFA ruling that players born in Northern Ireland can turn out for the Republic. The Unionists even wanted to pass a motion in Stormont condemming FIFA’s proposal! *yawn* Why can’t an Irish citizen born in the North play for their national team? Was Maik [...]

Unsubscribe me!

Below is “Waiting For The Guards“, the first film (of three) just released as part of Amnesty International‘s unsubscribe campaign. Worth watching whether or not you agree with Amnesty’s work. Get great free widgets at Widgetbox!

Value for money

The Moriarty Tribunal. Nine years. €25 million. To tell us what we already knew … Haughey was a thieving cunt. God, I love this country! *sob*

Frame Two: China Blue

Did anyone watch the short documentary on RTÉ yesterday about Chinese workers … China Blue? I took particular interest in this because I have visited China on a number of occasions and have seen first hand the conditions some workers have to live/work in. So I’d like to share my own experiences. Now that i’m [...]

Should fireworks be legalised?

Fireworks are annoying. Few will disagree. Kids in this estate have been wrecking our heads for months with bangers and rockets. They have been used at times to terrorise older people, and they are dangerous; we’ve all heard the horror stories. So why legalise them? Wouldn’t that just make it worse? Answers: Safety, and no [...]