EA Games: Spore Man, i’m very disappointed today.
Ever since I first saw the game Spore advertised I have been anxiously awaiting its release. The pre-release advertisements looked absolutely deadly. The problem is development took so bloody long I totally forgot about the game and missed its official release earlier this month.

I just remembered it this morning and popped on over to Amazon to pick myself up a copy. However, the first thing I noticed was the absolutely shit reviews the game is getting. Not only have they removed some of the important functionality & complexity of the game i.e. how you designed your creature affects the way it moves/operates in the game etc., but apparently they have included nonsensical DRM restrictions which means you can only install the game a total of 3 times!

Now you might think you only need to install a game once but the problem is if you have any problems running the game (common on windows of course) you may need to re-install the game; if you update windows you may need to re-install or if you upgrade or change hardware you may need to re-install and with a limit of 3 installs you’ll soon run out of these and end up with a worthless CD. EA might grant you additional installs but there’s no guarantee.

Spore had a chance to be a ground breaking game but with the removal of key features and an essential dumbing down of the game it has resulted in a massive disappointment which isn’t worth a fraction of the retail price. Add to that the DRM and you have a game design team that deserves to be shown the door.

I’ve long been a fan of EA Games/Sports but they have utterly failed to impress on this one and the addition of idiotic DRM restrictions they have me seriously questioning if I will ever buy an EA Games PC game ever again.

Damn, I was so looking forward to this one.

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