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Military matters

Two military related posts for you today… • 160 troops of the 97th Infantry Battalion arrived in Chad this morning to begin their peacekeeping mission which brings to 390 the number of Irish personnel now in Chad with a further 150 to be deployed within the next two weeks. • Something interesting and indeed historic [...]

Chad Deployment

The Defence Forces’ biggest logistics operation ever moved on to the next phase as a cargo ship left Dublin port today stuffed to the gills with equipment for the 372 men and women of the 97th Inf Batt and the 50 ARW personnel who have been in Chad since last month (the ARW obviously brought [...]

Oy vey, the shame of being Irish!

Just spotted via Technorati’s ‘blog reactions’, it seems that one of my posts has caught the attention, not in a good way, of some blogger by the name of Felix Quigley. You’ll know by now, if you have been with me here for a while, that I’ve always supported our Defence Forces especially in the [...]

If you ever needed inspiration to take up model making…

SERIOUSLY sweet models. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Irish troops head for the Leb

Almost forgot. Today over 120 of our country’s finest flew out to Lebanon to start their tour of duty with UNIFIL, joining up with the advance party of 31 who flew out to Lebanon last week. The 158 soldiers of 34th Infantry Group are tasked with carrying out reconnaissance and with providing security & protection [...]

Ireland to command Kosovo mission

Outstanding news for the Irish Defence Forces. From August of next year until July 2008 Ireland will take control of the peace keeping mission in Kosovo! They will be responsible for the “co-ordination of the Nato-led international task force in the Balkan state, commanding, controlling and directing operations”. While Irish Officers have served as Force [...]

Submarine search on Google Maps

Myself and a friend were just doing a quick submarine search on Google Maps … well, little searching actually as he knew where to find most of them. Anyway here are a few of the subs you can find if you know where to look. All links point directly to the Google Maps locations. Finland [...]

Jadotville soldiers honoured

I’m delighted to read the news this morning that the Irish soldiers who fought at Jadotville in the Congo are finally being honoured by the state today. Willie “Bad motherfucker” O’Dea is to unveil a commemorative plaque at Custume Army Barracks in Athlone at 4.30pm with the CoS of the DF, Lt.Gen. Jim Sreenan. The [...]

New Irish Reserve Defence Force launched

The new Reserve Defence Force is being launched [registration cheat] today in Limerick. Yes today is the official inauguration of the new Reserve Defence Force and the formal standing down of an Forsa Cosanta Áitiuil. The new force (na hÓglaigh Cúltaca), which replaces the generally poorly-trained & under-used FCÁ & Slua Muirí, will have exactly [...]