Submarine search on Google Maps

Myself and a friend were just doing a quick submarine search on Google Maps … well, little searching actually as he knew where to find most of them. Anyway here are a few of the subs you can find if you know where to look. All links point directly to the Google Maps locations.

The submarine Vesikko parked beside the wee island of Suomenlinna in Helsinki harbour. Built in 1933, used in World War II against the Russians. It was only Finnish submarine that wasn’t scrapped after the war.

U-995 – Type VIIC/41 Attack Boat, on display at the Navy Memorial in Laboe, near Kiel in northern Germany.
Commissioned on 16th September 1943, the U-995 is a Type VIIC U-boat, which once formed the workhorse of the U-boat fleet. The U-995 is the last surviving Type VII U-boat in the world.

The submarine “Lembit”, built in Barrow-in-Furness in 1936, now sitting in the Pirita port outside Tallinn.

The infamous port of Murmansk, the home port of the Russian nuclear submarine fleet. There’s a number of various subs sitting in the port, probably rusting, such a shame. It’s one place i’d love to visit. Not sure what the big subs are, Typhoon Class perhaps??

Here’s a better screenshot of the port.

Have a look at these lovely ladies sitting in the Naval base in Bangor, WA. Have a scan around the area, there are a number of docks for subs and also a shit load of what look like missile silos!!

Also worth looking at is another Naval Base in King’s Bay, Georgia.

A nice view of seven subs sitting in the harbour in Edinburgh.

I’m in a sub hunting mood today…

Look what I just found, i’m pretty sure it’s the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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  1. I’ve been in the Vesikko. I think it cost something like 10 markka at the time to enter it.

    like your mental accumancy check by the way.

  2. Maca,
    CV 67 is indeed the USS John F.Kennedy.There were plans to turn her over to the US naval reserve as a training carrier.Can you imagine An Slua (sorry I mean NR) getting their hands on her?

  3. Maca,
    I’ve been messing around with the sat pics of Jacksonville and found the hotel we used to stay in when I was a flight attendant.A bit sad I know but it is a slow night and by Christ we had some craic there.

  4. Winds
    “like your mental accumancy check by the way”

    Trying to ensure only the cleverest of folk can post here :)

    It’d surely dwarf anything the Irish Navy has, by a long shot. What a training vessel!!!!

  5. Interesting pics of Diego Garcia linked to in this Digg posting:

  6. Good one, thanks Mick!