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My first AEG

I received my first airsoft electric gun today. I went cheap for the first one to test it out so I got a Jing Gong (a Chinese good quality clone) Heckler & Koch G36C. I also got a reflect red dot sight and a USMC type single point bunch sling. First pictures below: I’ve only [...]

The second airsoft post

Just thought i’d give you a bit more information to coax you FCÁ/RDF’ers and weekend warrior wannabees into trying out airsoft. Where to play airsoft There’s literally millions, well maybe 20, places around Ireland where you can do it. The best way to find sites/clubs to contact the Irish Airsoft Association for sites down south [...]

Toy Soldiers, Weekend Warriors, Sandbags – titles no longer reserved for the RDF

I just started a new hobby … airsoft. It’s a bit like paintballing but without paintballs and paintball guns. So actually it’s nothing like paintball. In airsoft you shoot 6mm hard plastic balls with guns that look and feel like the real thing. The only similarity to paintball is the type of games you play [...]