Toy Soldiers, Weekend Warriors, Sandbags – titles no longer reserved for the RDF

I just started a new hobby … airsoft.
It’s a bit like paintballing but without paintballs and paintball guns. So actually it’s nothing like paintball.

In airsoft you shoot 6mm hard plastic balls with guns that look and feel like the real thing. The only similarity to paintball is the type of games you play i.e. capture the flag, defend the fort, hostage rescue, run around the round bales, run around square bales and a few rusty barrels etc etc.

I should clarify, I haven’t quite started just yet. I have my first gun (AEG = airsoft electric (runs on a rechargeable battery) gun) on order and am expecting it to arrive in the coming week or so; it’s a Heckler & Goch G36C with a cool red dot sight. Voilá (without the sight):

I’m really looking forward to getting started the only problem is that if it’s as addictive as I imagine I’ll be forced to invest in extra guns and combat gear etc. The Americans seem to take it very seriously and buy all the latest and greatest equipment available including some guns which can cost up to US$4000!!
There’s no fear of me spending that much money on what is essentially a toy gun! The missus would use it on me!

It looks like a great sport and is one of the fastest growing sports in Europe. It’s actually only been legal in Ireland a short while and seems to be really taking off. The first “All-Ireland” is currently being organised for April.

For more information to satisfy your curiousity brúigh ar na nascanna thíos (click the links)!
Irish Airsoft Associaiton
Airsoft Ireland (NI based site)

EDIT: This is next on my shopping list, the Steyr Aug A1.

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  1. That looks class. I’d be a little nervous though of playing with people I don’t know. Even from ‘fun’ paint ball outings in the past I’ve seen people take it far too seriously. Hope you’ll post again with how you are getting on once you’ve gone to a few events.

  2. Welcome to the site “jazz biscuit”

    Sure, if you’re interested I can post the odd update. I was planning to do it this weekend in longford which is the closest site to me but it was cancelled. So I hope to do it in the coming weeks … if this damn gun ever arrives!!

    I’ll do another post soon with info on shops & skirmish sites!

  3. I have a soft air gun at home, it’s just a gun, not a rifle. I enjoyed it for some time at the beginning then I lost interest in it and it rests at the bottom of some closet somewhere in the house.

  4. Did you ever go skirmishing with it Antonio? Target shooting is ok but the real fun is competing against other people.
    I have two handguns at home but they are spring guns and need to be cocked every time I fire them. They are only accurate to about 5-10 metres and are only good for knocking over cans.
    The AEG’s (electric guns) are much more powerful and should be accurate to 50-60 metres or even more.

  5. No, Maca, I never simulated any combat or war with other people. I just used it to shoot small targets. It’s air propelled, there’s a compressed air can with which I refill a small tank in the grip of the gun. Each charge allow me to shoot about 20 bullets. The range of the bullets is about 25 metres, but they’re effective and accurate only within 8-10 metres.

  6. I was checking out some of those GBB (gas) pistols; there are some nice ones available. But I don’t think i’d use it as much as I would a rifle specially since they are gas, electric is better.

  7. So when you run out of ammo are you going to go “Pfffft.Pfffft” ?

    Just playin’ :)

  8. No, it’s not the FCÁ ;)

  9. no dont need to spend to much money the guns you should get people to bring there on guns anyway there no point in you buying them and them braking them ………….
    so in the all ireland in april can team enter or how does it work i’m new to this as well i’m try to start up a club down here in wexford

  10. Hi storm … well, i’d like to collect some guns anyway, already have a list compiled of what i’d like to buy ;
    Individuals can enter too. It looks like it’s going to be in Galway so you’d probably need to stay over night. Register on and express your interest here: and see here for further information:

    The lads there will fill you in on all the details.