The second airsoft post

Just thought i’d give you a bit more information to coax you FCÁ/RDF’ers and weekend warrior wannabees into trying out airsoft.

Where to play airsoft
There’s literally millions, well maybe 20, places around Ireland where you can do it. The best way to find sites/clubs to contact the Irish Airsoft Association for sites down south or Airsoft Ireland for sites up north.
You can also check this map to see where other airsofters are located and take a look at the airsoft section on

Unfortunately many of the sites/clubs don’t have websites but some that do include S.A.C Longford, Meath Airsoft Group (Bebo), HRTA Dublin, G-Tac Galway and Airsoft Carlow.

What you need
1. Cash. At any of the “skirmish sites” you can rent all you need. For an example of pricing check out the Drogheda site’s pricing.

2. Equipment: you can buy all you need from airsoft retailers for AEG’s or army surplus stores for equipment. The minimum you would need is an AEG (gun), face mask or goggles, some bb’s (ammo) and protective clothing.
There are plenty of extras you can buy but wouldn’t need initially.

I’d recommend buying your AEG’s off Irish retailers because most guns need to be downgraded to comply with Irish laws.
These would be the main Irish retailers (though there are a few others): – seem to stock the high end expensive stuff but they offer a great service with excellent helpful communication. – offers a great range of low and high end AEG’s and decent enough prices. Communication is quite poor though. – not as good a range but some nice items; also high end stuff.

I’ve just bought a small item off who have a nice range of airsoft related equipment, shipping can be expensive though.

There are a ton of other retailers out there of course, including ebay, a quick Google search will find you tons; just be cautious about importing AEG’s from abroad.

Types of games
Some good information of types of games here.

That’ll get you started. Will try to post more information as I discover it.

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