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A welcome to the new Gaelscoileanna

The kids are back to school this week throughout the country; indeed some started back last week. My own wee one, as I mentioned previously, has transferred to a Gaelscoil and is settling in well despite not having much Irish. I’m a big supporter of Gaelscoileanna; there is no better way of learning the language [...]

Samsung launches first Irish phone

It’s true apparently, Samsung are set to launch the first ever mobile phone which will have an Irish user interface. Good stuff! Still wouldn’t buy a Samsung but hopefully in the not too distant future we may see other mobile phone manufacturers follow suit. Press release below. Samsung launches first Irish phone The first ever [...]

What the focal?

It’s Get the focal! It’s not often I’d pay any attention to the ads in gmail but this one just caught my attention. It’s Get the focal, an Irish-English-Irish translator for your mobile phone created by a company called Maithú. It has 10k words and is bound to come in handy when you’re stuck for [...]

Towns may lose Gaeltacht status

Via Ocean FM, a proposed revamp of the Gaeltacht could see a number of towns losing their Gaeltacht status: Towns such as Dungloe and Burtonport in Donegal, Dingle, Belmullet in Co.Mayo and parts of Galway city would lose their Gaeltacht status if the linguisitic criteria was implemented. I’m sure many people will object to this, [...]

Seoige & O’Shea

Just happened to be watching Seoige & O’Shea today, while relaxing after a late lunch. They had a brief discussion on the Irish language and one of the guests was one Paul MacDonnell from the Open Republic Institute who should be no stranger to those with any knowledge of the political side of the Irish [...]

Ireland’s first bilingual film?

According to the Belfast Tele shooting has just begun on the first bilingual film to come out of Ireland! [really?? that is a surprise!] Kings, starring Colm Meaney and Donal O’Kelly, features cast members speaking both in English and Irish and is set to hit the big screen next year. Although other ventures have included [...]

Next generation

Haven’t had a Gaeilge post in yonks, I must attempt to string a few words together one of these days. The only related news I have is that the next generation of Maca [maca óg we'll call him] who has just started school has already developed a wee grá for the language. Everyday he comes [...]

Éire Ireland

…that’s what we’ll be called at official European Union meetings in the future, since Irish will be an official and working language from the start of next year! p.s. to clarify what should be obvious, name change applys to signage and name plates!

An Daingean … arís

The Dingle/Daingean issues is in the news again. Kerry Co. Council have announced details of a postal vote to be carried out in October on whether or not they want the bilingual name Dingle/Daingean Ui Chuis instead of An Daingean. Not that it’ll make much difference anyway as Ó’Cuiv is adamant that the decision he [...]


I was pricking around with Skype and I noticed this feature called the “Skypecast” which is a hosted call where you can have up to 100 people participating. I started to wonder … would it be interesting if we managed to get 100 Irish bloggers together for a chin wag? Come to think of it, [...]