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Still at the 3D

Blogging is slow I know and I do apologise though can’t promise it will improve at all in the 4c-able future. What limited free time I have these days is given over primarily to dreaming about how I will spend the 100m I’m sure to eventually win on the Euro lotto. The rest of the [...]

Pricking around with… Makehuman 0.8

Pricking around with … A new series on Raiméis, one which will probably die like all the other grand ideas I’ve had because of pure and unadulterated laziness, where I take sumthin’ (usually software) prick around with it and see what happens… Makehuman prealpha 0.8 demo In short, MakeHuman is a application for making accurate [...]

3D space quickie

Anyone interested in 3D modelling and spacey things … Nasa have scaled dimensioned drawings of the various modules which make up the ISS (plus a handy exploded view) available for download in pdf format right about … here. Probably been online for yonks but I just found them. First person to send in their completed [...]

Google SketchUp

Dog gonnit! I was just writing a post last night which I planned to publish today telling you about a deadly 3D program i’d recently been playing with called SketchUp, which is great fun to mess with but carries a high price tag. Now what have Google gone and done? Released a free version forcing [...]

Colt 1911 Model

I’m trying to get back into 3D modelling again, I totally suck at it so it can be hard to muster the motivation sometimes. Anywayz I started working on a gun recently, the model is about 90% complete, here is the first render, some fixes and fine tuning still needed, you can easily spot some [...]

Camera Noise – Gimp Plugin

Flippin excellent. Via Donncha’s blog Holy Shmoly I found this cool plugin for Gimp which removes digital camera noise. I suppose I could have found it if I spent more time around some of the Gimp sites but I rarely use Gimp anyway, it drives me nuts, never does what i want it to do. [...]

Volle Deckung! Grenade!

What do you think of this picture … grenade? [opens new window] Would you describe it as “photorealistic”? I just did it this morning, it’s a very simple model but my best render yet, imho. I could probably use a bump map, especially on the wood for extra effect, might just do that tonight.