Still at the 3D

Blogging is slow I know and I do apologise though can’t promise it will improve at all in the 4c-able future. What limited free time I have these days is given over primarily to dreaming about how I will spend the 100m I’m sure to eventually win on the Euro lotto. The rest of the time I’m either 3D modelling or surfing around all the social network sites I am a member of thinking “this is an absolute pile of shite, why do I keep coming back here?”.

Re 3DCG: I found a handy tutorial on YouTube for modelling aircraft and while serious modellers would frown at the techniques used it did allow me to actually complete a plane model for the first time to an almost acceptable level so currently I have some renewed interest in modelling and am working on a number of planes and perhaps even a short animation. I won’t post any images here cos they’re crap but any images I create will be posted to my flickr page if you are curious. Just don’t be expecting anything high quality.

That’s what I’ll be at though I will try to post more.

p.s. while searching for plane reference images I came across this site with some damn interesting aircraft. I can’t believe some of these actually flew.

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  1. Thanks, they’re pretty average really but I do it for fun and stress relief so they don’t need to be any good, i’m not selling them or anything :)