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My world without music (briefly)

Porter Wagoner wrote: Once my world was filled with music sweet and low When your love was mine and mine alone Now my world has lost its melody and my world is without music since you’ve left me Substitute the chic in the song for an mp3 player and you understand how I felt when [...]

There’s no accounting for some people’s taste…

A couple of bloggers have commented on U2′s inclusion of the previously unreleased Red Hill Mining Town in their latest DVD, some aren’t impressed. I care not. Naff 80s, I fucking love it. So here it is, Red Hill Mining Town, de vid. Let’s go down on Red hiiiilllllll!


Bit late with this one. It was during the recent Rep.Ireland match I noticed the ads for “U2 18“. “Gifted!” sez I, “A new U2 album”. Boy was I disappointed, it’s just another fucking greatest hits album. WTF U2??? I’m proud of my U2 collection. I have most albums on tape, what I don’t have [...]

More music downloads

Just downloaded a few more albums in the past few days. Johnny Cash‘s American V – A Hundred Highways (which I notice is on Rick O’Shea‘s Favourite New Albums list) and N.E.R.D.’s Fly or Die since my CD got a bit fucked up. One interesting album I downloaded is Billy Joel‘s An Innocent Man. I [...]