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Finnish war veteran dies in parade

Holy feck. Just spotted on my favourite Finnish blogger‘s site that a Finnish war veteran died during a Finnish Independence Day Parade in the town of Jyväskylä when he walked in front of an Army tank! Someone managed to catch it on video and they even have it up on YouTube [close up picture from [...]

Alcohol now Finland’s top killer

“Alcohol has become the leading cause of death in Finland for men, and is a close second for women, a study says.” Now, kaverit! You’d want to slow down on the aul koskenkorva, mmkay?

Frame Two: China Blue

Did anyone watch the short documentary on RTÉ yesterday about Chinese workers … China Blue? I took particular interest in this because I have visited China on a number of occasions and have seen first hand the conditions some workers have to live/work in. So I’d like to share my own experiences. Now that i’m [...]

Heippa hei Suomi. No moi Irlanti!!

It’s the end of an era. Tomorrow I finish work, been here over 5 years, and in 2 weeks or so we leave Finland, for good. We’ll be back in Ireland mid-July looking for work so if you know of anyone looking for a somewhat-talented exotic dancer give me a buzz. I also do bar [...]

Juhannus pics

Crappy phone cam pics … this is where I was chillin’ out at the weekend. It looks a whole lot nicer in real life.

Hauskaa Juhannusta kaikille!

I wouldn’t be a proper Finnish exile if I didn’t wish everyone a nice midsummer … so glad midsommar till alla! Update: The sad side of Juhannus is that each year someone dies in boating/alcohol/other accidents. This Juhannus eleven people died, seven of those in boating accidents, the rest in other accidents including one young [...]

More honours for Finland

Seems like as good a time as any to post on the Ice Hockey World Championships which are coming to an end in Latvia later tonight. Finland, disappointingly beaten 3-1 in their semi-final against the Czechs, just knocked 5 past Canada in today’s bronze medal match. A good end to a disappointing championship for Finland. [...]

Finland’s first Eurovision win

I don’t know how the fuck they pulled it off but Finland just blew away the competition tonight! Here they are … Lordi (from the semi-final) …

Oh Lordi!

The Eurovision is utter shit. Yes it is. And we’ll have to suffer through it again this weekend. I may have to leave the house when it’s on, herself will be watching it because Lordi made it to the final. Sad thing is Lordi were one of the better ones tonight. There were some downright [...]

Postcards from Helsinki

Via (you might have just spotted this on is a collection of postcards/photos showing an alternative side to Helsinki. There’s a great selection of pictures, some pretty and some not so pretty, but well worth a browse. Although they seem to have a fetish for bums (not arses, the other bums).