Postcards from Helsinki

Via (you might have just spotted this on is a collection of postcards/photos showing an alternative side to Helsinki. There’s a great selection of pictures, some pretty and some not so pretty, but well worth a browse. Although they seem to have a fetish for bums (not arses, the other bums).

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  1. Fetish for bums as in arses might be more appropriate – when I was in Helsinki I spent most of my time on mine, slipping on the footpaths!!!

  2. Yep, been there, done that :)

  3. Yeah but the people are friendly and the craic is good, in Helsinki, plus there are advantages to having a lardy arse – you don’t break any bones!

  4. true. and alcohol comes in handy too, dulls the pain of the fall plus keeps your core temperature up on those long jaunts home (300m takes me about 1.5 hrs *hic*)

  5. God you’re a fast walker *burp, hic, ugh*!