Alcohol now Finland’s top killer

“Alcohol has become the leading cause of death in Finland for men, and is a close second for women, a study says.”

Now, kaverit! You’d want to slow down on the aul koskenkorva, mmkay?

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  1. I guess U left just in time? ;)

  2. That’s very funny :D Your comment that is, not the actual news. Wouldn’t in fact even call it news.

    When I try to an Irish person explain that the Finns drink even more than the Irish, I get the feeling that they don’t really believe me. I don’t think there is a Finnish expression for binge drinking, since there’s hardly any other kind of drinking in the country.

  3. Mick
    Jaysus I did Mick, although I feel sorry for some of the Irish lads I left behind.

    Thx. I also do stand-up. Shows week nights @ 9pm and Saturdays @ 7pm and 10pm. Admission free if you’re good looking.

    Thing is, we’ve been told for years that we’re one of the biggest drinking nations in Europe, always in the top 3. Ii think a difference might be that we drink lots of beer but you guys like your hard liquor and drink at home a lot more than we would.
    Here’s a report on alcohol consumption in Europe, it shows litres per person per year, figures for adults age 15 and up, year is 2001. They put Ireland in 3rd place but Finland back in 20th.
    Reports can be downloaded here: reports

  4. My assumption was based on a vague recollection reading a newspaper article about alcohol consumption in Europe, which stated that the only 2 nations drinking more than the Irish were Belgians and the Finns. I also might have dreamt this, because I couldn’t find any reference to this even after extensive googling. I was shocked to read that Ireland was the only country in which the alcohol consumption has gone up around 2001, by 27(!) percent.

    Anyways, you are very right about kalsarikännit and tiukka viina. When I arrived in Ireland in 2002, I was disgusted to find that your so-called shot is only 2,5cl (compared to 4cl in Finnish bar). Now I couldn’t care less.

  5. Are you sure you weren’t drunk when you read that newspaper article? ;)

    I suppose it depends how they measure it, how they collect their figures. Does it include imported alcohol for example, and as we know you guys import a lot from Estonia. One report on Finnish consumption claimed that about 1/5th of consumption doesn’t figure in the Finnish consumption stats.

    For the benefit of others “kalsarikännit” is basically getting wasted at home. Translates as “underwear drunkenness” or something like that. Am I right Laura? “tiukka viina” is the hard stuff.

  6. Exatly. Kalsarit can mean any bottom-half male underwear, but it does carry a certain association with long johns. What a lovely image… Any guesses what I’m doing with my Friday night? :D

  7. >only 2 nations drinking more than the Irish were Belgians and the Finns.
    At least the Belgians have decent beer, over 500 different types at last count!

  8. Too true. We’ve only shite in this country (apart from the obvious 2-3).