Heippa hei Suomi. No moi Irlanti!!

It’s the end of an era. Tomorrow I finish work, been here over 5 years, and in 2 weeks or so we leave Finland, for good. We’ll be back in Ireland mid-July looking for work so if you know of anyone looking for a somewhat-talented exotic dancer give me a buzz. I also do bar work. (i.e. pole dancing, not serving drinks)

Our home net connection has been cancelled and will probably be cut off tomorrow or Saturday so I won’t be online again until we get set-up in Ireland, assuming they have broadband where we’re going (I guess I shouldn’t make assumptions when it comes to broadband in Ireland).

It’s been fun here. Finland is a great country to live, such a pity salaries suck, the economic situation isn’t great, the winter is long and the pint expensive. Apart from that there are worse places you could set up home. I’ve mixed feelings leaving. I can’t say I’m thrilled to be going home but it must be done. On the plus side I’ll save a shit load on Guinness.

Maybe I’ll get to meet a few of ye over the summer. Till then slán go fóill.

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  1. Hope I don’t sound too nosey, but why ‘must’ you move back to Ireland? Did your job come to an end or had you had enough? Also what made you move to Finland in the first place.

    I’ve been wanting to move back to north Wales for a while now. I never thought I’d want to go back there, but I’m starting to get fed up with city living (not that Cardiff’s huge). I want to be closer to my folks who are getting older and I find the 4 hour = drive to get home too much, + I miss being in a natrually Welsh speaking area. There are thousands of young Welsh speakers in the capital with a good social/music/art scene because of it, but it’s not a proper community – it feels very transient.

    I though I’d struggle to persuade the missus to move up there, but she’s also missing her folks who live in York which is 5 hours + from Cardiff (as opposed to only 2 hours from north Wales). Finding work for us both will be tricky. We’re looking into being self employed/part time.
    I’m launching a little website business next month as a trail run. Both of us are graduates, but in lame subjects (tourism management + environmental legislation) which needless to say neither of us are have used. My folks own a farm and we;re considering tourism or alternative croips – I’d be no use at animal husbandry!

    Which part of Ireland are you moving (back) to? My girlfriend’s Canadian cousin has just married an Irishman and they live outside Carlow somewhere. We hope to visit them sometime.

    Good luck and hope the move goes smoothly, and keep us informed when you get connected to the intraweb again!

  2. >I can’t say I’m thrilled to be going home but it must be done.
    Tell us more?

    The pay might seem better at home the price of houses and just about everything else has gotten so bad. Half the time I can get a pinta cheaper in Boston than Donegal …

    Oh yeah, send me an e-mail, I might be able to refer you to somewhere.

  3. I know you’ll miss Suomi, but I know Irealnd is better and more it’s your homeland!
    Have a nice trip back home! Good luck for the job and, who knows, maybe we could meet next time I go to Ireland ;-)

  4. All the best maca!

  5. You’ll be back Maca.Trust me on that but in the meantime enjoy home and look after yourself now d’ye hear.

  6. Yeah, good luck!
    Hope you get sorted out with a job quickly and the price of everything doesn’t come as too much of a shock…

  7. At least it’s… er… warmer? in Ireland.


  8. I was in the middle of writing a big reply last weekend and my net connection was cut just before I finished … bastards! I’m on a time limit now (library) so can’t say much. I’m up North getting eaten alive by mozzies (cunts), flying home on Tuesday! Thanks for the wishes, chat yiz soon.

  9. Hey Maca! Welcome Home! Hope it all works out for you and don’t hold your breath about broadband! But you never know you might get lucky!
    Take care

  10. Welcome home, Maca. It’ll take some getting used to but enjoy! Finland’s loss is Ireland’s gain!