My world without music (briefly)

Porter Wagoner wrote:

Once my world was filled with music sweet and low
When your love was mine and mine alone
Now my world has lost its melody and my world is without music since you’ve left me

Substitute the chic in the song for an mp3 player and you understand how I felt when my Creative Zen MicroPhoto died mid song a few days ago. Maybe it was old age or the particular Metallica song it was playing at the time which caused the hardware failure but numerous reformats and firmware installations (the PMP equivalent of defibrillation) failed to bring her back to life. I managed to transfer bits of 5 or 6 albums and she’ll play these fine but i’m unable to transfer any more music without it crashing.
I got a refurbised Creative Zen to keep me going for now but I miss my Zen MicroPhoto; it was a top class player. I still refuse to buy an iPod though have to admit I like the iPod Touch. But my Creative served me well in the past so i’m sticking with them. The Zen was a disappointing buy for 3 main reasons:
- it feels cheap and plasticy compared to the metal covered Zen Micro Photo
- the button clicks are annoying
- the navigation button is a nuicance; I prefer the touch slider on the Zen MicroPhoto.

Having said that the big clear screen is excellent and sound quality is good so I guess it will keep my going for a while. At least I have music back in my life!

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