Underwear chicken man!

Superidiot rather than superhero. ‘There’s always one!’ as they say.

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  1. Hi Maca,
    I think you may find it interesting to see this shocking video of what happened four days ago on an Italian motorway not far from Venice
    The video comes from one of the surveillance cameras of the motorway. The terrible accident made 7 victims, a tragedy…

  2. Oh shit that’s crazy!!
    God help the people in the first car that was hit (on the other side of the road); they had absolutely no chance to survive.

    Did the guy fall asleep or what happened?

  3. Well, they counted 7 victims, all from the two cars involved in the fire and from the two lorries. The first lorry (the white one) driver was Polish, the red lorry driver was from Morocco. The other victims, all Italians, were in those two cars that was destroyed in the impact.
    They still don’t know what happened. Some say that the Polish driver fell asleep, because they use to drive too many hours without resting and was tired. Some say that he was drunk and lost control of his truck. Others say that he wanted to die and found this crazy way to committ suicide.
    The bodies were completely burned in the fire, any post-mortem could lead to no results.
    The first car that was hit was a van from Austria. It seems they’re still alive.
    The most shocking thing is the desperate attempt to brake of those two cars… Jesus, can you imagine what they thought in that short second before dying? :-(

    It seems that YouTube restricted the acces to this video to those who are registered and logged in.
    Here it is a free access link from the usual newspaper website:


  4. “those two cars that was destroyed”
    of course it was “those two cars that were destroyed”

  5. It’s crazy; I can’t imagine the terror but I guess it was over very quick. At least, i hope so. :(

    Thanks for the link.