Passport check between Ireland & UK

What do you make of the plans to have passport controls between Ireland and the UK? The planned passport inspections would be for those travelling by air & sea but could also involve checks on people driving to Northern Ireland.
While there are no plans for fixed checkpoints on the border it could mean Southern reg cars could be stopped and possibly searched.
It might give me a good excuse to get out of driving to Ikea again. You have to look for the positives in every situation people!

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  1. This is weird!
    Why do they plan to do such a thing?

  2. Hey, sorry for slow reply; I was on holidays for two weeks and had no internet access.

    According to the news website it is to check for “non-British and non-Irish” travellers. I guess that means Africans :-/

  3. Hi Maca, no problem. Good for you for your holidays. Hope all was perfect!
    Well, it seems that among those “africans” they could check everyone, EU citizens included.
    It means that if one day I travel from Dundalk to Newry on my car rented from Dublin airport I could be inspected on the border, they’d find me I’m Italian and search all my car and my luggages… that could be an interesting experience for my blog ;-)

  4. Antonio, hopefully it won’t go that far. I’ll let you know if i see any checks on the border as i’ll be up there occasionally.