Shouldn’t make fun but what the heck…

Two contenders for the best email jokes of the year.

PDF File
Pdf file

Anything to declare?

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  1. The adobe one is genius, sad topic or no.

  2. Hi JL! It cracked me up, I just had to post it.

  3. The Adobe one is fantastic!!!

  4. It’s one of those you wish you thought of first :)

  5. Yes, Maca, you’re right, but it’s easier if you’re an English speaker, because in Italian is not working, so it was beyond my imagination.
    Of course we have different wordplays :-)

    By the way, who’s that guy in the picture with that odd costume?

  6. True, well I wish I thought of it first :)

    That’s Gary Glitter, 70s (even 80s, 90s) glam rock singer and now convicted sex offender.

  7. I read about him, I didn’t know who he was so far… well, interesting, I could say.