Nigerian faces death for having 86 wives

Nigeria’s Islamic authority has told the man who has 86 wives to choose only four and repent within three days or else he will be sentenced to death.

A man who can survive to the age of 84 with 86 wives deserves a medal not a death sentence!

UPDATE: Looks like he is going to divorce 82 of his wives. Could be costly! Maybe death might have been the better option.

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  1. You’re absolutely right ;-)

  2. LOL, if he survived the 86 marriages he’s probably looking forward to death!

    I like the way he has to choose “only” 4 wives. :)

  3. If he is right, then this lends to the idea that sharia is not the law where he lives. If he did this in the past, and sharia later became the law, then maybe he would have been ‘grandfathered’ in and ordered to cease marrying–at least until he lost a wife due to divorce or death, for example.
    If there was no marriage, yet he simply acknowledged them as husbandless lovers, as is accepted in the West, then this would also be a travesty.
    It appears that if sharia did exist in this region, and is applied, as the government is suggesting, then it is obvious he has broken the law. If there was no law, yet he is claiming to follow Islam, as a Muslim, he would be more inclined to practice the sharia recognized by his own elders.
    Something tells me that this is politicized moreso because of his position on vaccinations. If this is not the case, then why did it take so long to discover how many wives he has? Who sanctioned them prior? How did his children move about within the system without acknowledging their own parents?

    Most Western arguments couldn’t touch this man. Otherwise, he’d bring up points of the West’s leaning towards same-sex marriage; redefining the term marriage; government’s involvement in the institution of marriage; right to privacy, and lastly — a woman’s right to choose.
    How do I figure? Well, think about the choices his ‘wives’ made. Does that not count in factoring the equation of a relationship? In the West, how many ladies have the same ‘baby’s daddy’?
    If she has a right to choose what she does with her own body, including going against her own husband’s desire, then why would the government not take her own desire to choose her own mate?
    Lastly, why do we not only accept, but celebrate people like Hugh Hefner and his three live-in girlfriends and constant others, while shunning Mormons (Christians) and Muslims from doing the same in a far more responsible way?

  4. 5PillarScribe … welcome to the site … but what are you doing? That’s far too serious a comment for a site like this! ;)

    Sharia law was only brought in in 2000; maybe it has simply taken them that long to get around to his case?? Maybe they don’t have a decent system of registration of marriage? I don’t kbnow much about how they do things there tbh.
    Also the man’s a muslim preacher; you’d expect him to know the law.

    Do we celebrate people like Hugh Hefner? I think he’s a dirty old man and have zero respect for him tbh.
    And I don’t think we shun mormons or muslims for doing the same. I think we shun mormons (& Jehovah’s witnesses) because they turn up on our doorstep talking about the word of god; that makes us uncomfortable.
    I don’t think we shun muslims; but I guess we are quite critical of their faith but that’s for very different reasons that simply taking a few wives.