Colt 1911 Model

I’m trying to get back into 3D modelling again, I totally suck at it so it can be hard to muster the motivation sometimes. Anywayz I started working on a gun recently, the model is about 90% complete, here is the first render, some fixes and fine tuning still needed, you can easily spot some of the mistakes (dodgy colour shading etc).

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  1. Lovely job.I just hope you don’t get a horde of saddo gun anoraks pointing out “errors” and completely missing the point of the exercise.I particulary like the wooden grips.

  2. Thanks Daithí.
    I don’t mind a bit of criticism anyway. I’ve posted it on a modelling forum and gotten some feedback there on the errors, most of which are related to the modelling. The area behing the trigger is a bit screwed up and i’m having trouble sorting it out. Frustrating!

  3. Looking nice maca. What are you using to model? Is it Max?

  4. I wish it was Max, Claire. I use a tiny wee free program called Anim8or, it’s handy for beginners like me, much easier than Blender and cheaper than any of the high end programs like Maya, Max etc :)

  5. Good job, Maca.
    I wish I were that good at using graphic applications!

  6. Thanks Antonio. I wouldn’t call myself good though, you should check out some of these: Blender gallery

  7. Make ya jealous, wouldn’t it? :-[

  8. Quite jealous, yeah :-)
    But I’d be glad if one of these days I could see one of your works in those galleries.
    I’m sure I won’t wait too long ;-)

  9. Thanks Antonio, but it won’t happen :) As well as a lack of talent i’m also too lazy to put serious effort into it, I only do it when I’m bored or when there’s nothing on TV :)