Camera Noise – Gimp Plugin

Flippin excellent. Via Donncha’s blog Holy Shmoly I found this cool plugin for Gimp which removes digital camera noise. I suppose I could have found it if I spent more time around some of the Gimp sites but I rarely use Gimp anyway, it drives me nuts, never does what i want it to do. Anyway today Donncha gets the credit.
One thing I am cursed with is the lack of a proper digital camera. I have a 35mm AF Minolta SLR which I rarely use so instead I try to take most pics with my camera phone, a Nokia 7600 (opens new window). It is actually surprisingly good … if the light is good, when the light is bad you can forget about taking pics. Pics are only 600px*480px but overall it suits me as it’s more mobile (excuse the pun) than the SLR and does what I need it to (take quick snaps of the young fella etc).
Back to the flippin noise, in lower light this is a big problem for me … hense my delight at finding this Gimp plugin which I hope will clean up some of my pics. I haven’t tested it yet but will this weekend and if the results are good will post them here.
p.s. anyone want to buy a Minolta SLR? Think I need to buy a proper digi-cam.

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