Dolphin rescues whales

Ok, i’m not an animal lover at all really.
I like chicken, but that’s different. I like cow, also different. I like sharks especially Great Whites/White Pointers; it’s the ‘i’m so goddam powerful I could bite you in two but i’ll just swim arrogantly by and scare the bejaysus out of you’ thing that I find absolutely awesome.

But I have to take my hat off to dolphins such as Moko who just rescued two stranded whales in New Zealand; damn but they’re impressive creatures … and probably taste better than chicken to boot.

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  1. Dolphins are among the most intelligent creatures in the world. I have no doubt they are more intelligent than us.
    I watched the video on a different website than your link, and… my God, I hardly understood what that worker was saying… Australians and New Zealanders have a tough accent indeed!

  2. Would you have a link for that video?

    Yeah, it’s a tough accent, you need to watch some Australian soaps like “Home & Away” or “Neighbours” to help you understand them ;)

  3. Sorry for delay, Maca, here it is the link for the video. It’s from an Italian newspaper website

    I hope it works :-)

  4. Work perfect; molte grazie Antonio!!