Oy vey, the shame of being Irish!

Just spotted via Technorati’s ‘blog reactions’, it seems that one of my posts has caught the attention, not in a good way, of some blogger by the name of Felix Quigley. You’ll know by now, if you have been with me here for a while, that I’ve always supported our Defence Forces especially in the great work they have been doing overseas.

A long time back, September 2006 actually, I expressed my delight at the news that Ireland was to head up the UN’s mission in Kosovo. Fantastic news, thought I, a great honour for a small nation such as ours and, wrote I, “a testament to the magnificent contribution our soldiers have made to peacekeeping operations since joining the United Nations in December 1955″.

Such an expression of support for our Defence Forces is apparently a “parody of jingoism” according to Mr.Quigley.
So, our soldiers putting their lives on the line keeping the peace in Kosovo, Chad or Liberia should not be supported as it would be jingoistic, is that the message? Well here’s one ‘jingoist’ who’ll happily support the peacekeeping efforts of our troops … and shame on you that don’t!

Of course his post wasn’t about my post; it was used as an example of us Irish being fond of ‘sticking our noses into the affairs of other countries’; Quigley’s summation of our work with the UN seemingly. Ireland’s support of Kosovan independence was the target of the post and how apparently we have ‘shamed ourselves’ by supporting Kosovo’s declaration.

It’s to be expected from a “rotten and venal … low rate capitalist state little better now than a colony of the US” according to one.

To be honest I’ll never understand these self-haters. If they dislike where they come from so much from why don’t they just turn in their passport and move to the greener pastures of the states guilty of war crimes and ongoing human rights abuses that they love so much?
Because they don’t have the balls is the short answer. Because at the end of the day they are all talk and nothing more. Sad really.

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  1. Might this be the same Felix Quigley that trolled around the net a while back imagining antisemitism at every turn? Richard Delevan had a thing or two to say about Quigley a couple of years ago. I thought he was a monomaniac so it’s reassuring to see that he’s expanded his interests.
    Oh wait. I’ve just clicked on his post.

  2. Hi Ciaran, “trolled” would appear to be the right word there, based on what i’ve read of him on Slugger O’Toole.
    Now that you’ve posted it I do remember reading that Richard Develan Delevan post before.