My 10,000 Gspam milestone

I never thought that I would see the day that I’d have ten thousand (10,000 – you read it right) spam mails in my spam box! But it’s happened. As of some time in the wee hours of this morning I broke through the 10,000 spam barrier.

Now, this isn’t simply a case of me not deleting my spam mails and letting them build up over a period of months. No, I use gmail, which automatically deletes spam mails older than 30 days. Therefore these ten thousand spam mails have all been received within the last 30 days … that’s 10,000 spams in one month! Savage!!

I should point out that I use gmail as a pop mail client and it pulls mails from my rarely used website email accounts but even so it’s quite a figure. I’m certainly glad I gave up on Thunderbird; imagine having to trawl through that number of mails every month checking for legitimate mails! With Gmail I don’t bother as I’ve found it very reliable at the spam catching lark plus it’s easier to search for legit mails than with Thunderbird.

I’m wondering now if I should delete them all or wait for Google to give me an award for hitting this milestone.!.

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  1. I don’t know my monthly totals, as I clean things out every fortnight or so, but I just checked and had 8724 spam messages from 27 Feb to 18 March.

    The filters aren’t foolproof, alas. I just rescued 5 messages tonight from such Irish language lists as Gaeilge-B, Gaeilge-A and Úrscéalta. Google doesn’t seem to “learn” when I “unspam” messages , either.

    Maybe “agus” is a code-word used in selling enhancement drugs or replica watches from Nigeria.

  2. Cionaodh, looks like you could break my “record” :)

    Do you use filters for incoming mail? All my incoming mail from lists such as Gaeilge-B have filters applied so that on the rare occasion that one ends up in the spam box it’s easily spotted and rescued.

  3. I didn’t know gmail did filters; I use ‘em on my POP client (Eudora), but since it’s only checking gmail’s “in” box, those filters don’t find what’s in the spam bin. I’ll have a look when I’m next on the gmail site.

  4. I find the filters very handy … for example, any time I have a post requiring moderation it comes in as a mail labelled “Raiméis” and even if it ends up in the spam box I spot it straight away. Very useful altogether.

  5. Can I use this space to say that I’m sorry for what happened to those two Irish girls in Rome?
    The way the police handled the situation is beyond any reality, but I really hope that man will spend many years behind bars.
    We need a more severe law for those who kill people while driving.

  6. Antonio, of course you don’t need to apologise for the actions of 1 person but thanks for the very kind sentiments :)

    Thanks for the link; i’ll have to watch it when I get home as it doesn’t look work safe ;) )

  7. And, if you want, you can watch this video
    where you can see what kind of idiot the killer of the two Irish girls in Rome is.
    He put his mobile phone on the steering wheel and shot himself while acting stupid. He let the wheel go while driving and moved like a gorilla in his car.
    I hope he gets 20 years for his stupidity!

  8. Thanks Antonio, he obviously likes himself a lot to be taking videos of himself :-/