We briefly tried to set up a hurling club in Finland some years back; here’s a mail the now non-existent club got this morning:

Dear sir,

The management of Admiral sports international Lfc, which to express their mission and goals in sport to your adorable and magnificent football club. We are into seeking, scouting and placement of players into clubs , and also organize trials for players in Europe and other Continents. If we are welcome by your management, kindly send us invitation letter for trials in your club. The following players are free and cleared by Nigeria Football Association to lace boot for any clubs of their choice outside the country.

[1] Name; Ayodele-orebowale,O.A
[2] Passport no; removed
[3] Present Club; Mohammedan sporting club(Bangladesh)
[4] Position; Goalkeeper
[5] Date of Birth; 23rd October, 1987

[1] Name; Olumorokun Zechariah
[2] Passport no; removed
[3] Present Club; Elgonas Fc (Egypt)
[4] Position; Attacking mid-fielder
[5] Date of Birth; 19th November,1984

[1] Name; Ayinde Olanrewaju.E.
[2] Passport no; removed
[3] Present Club; Rancher Bees FC ( Nigeria)
[4] Position; Attacker
[5] Date of Birth; 2nd August,1989

[1] Name; Anokwu Stephen.
[2] Passport no; removed
[3] Present Club; Sunshine Star FC ( Nigeria)
[4] Position; Attacker
[5] Date of Birth; 15th September,1989

You can choose any that you may need their service among all of them, it is not compulsury all of them but if you have vacancies for all our management can sponsor their trip. We will be very happy if our letter can be consider.

Best Regard
Oloyede Ibrahim (Manager)

My first reaction was “spamming scamming b@@tards” yet a Google search on the first couple of “players” shows they do seem to exist: Ayodele-orebowale. Wonder is he any good with a hurl!?!

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