Progress in Irish: Lesson 5

Lesson 5 of Progress in Irish.

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Freagair (Answer)

1. Cad tá ag Nóra? What does Nora have? – Tá peann ag Nóra, agus tá duch aici. Nora has a pen, and she has ink.

2. Cad tá ag Brian? What does Brian have? – Tá cailc ag Brian, ach níl peann luaidhe aige. Brian has chalk, but he doesn’t have a pencil.

3. Cad tá ag Máire? What does Mary have? – Tá rothar ag Máire, ach níl carr aici. Mary has a bicycle, but she does not have a car.

4. Cad tá ag Seán agus ag Pól? What do Sean and Paul have? – Tá airgead ag Seán agus ag Pól, ach níl punt acu. Sean and Paul have money, but they do not have a pound.

Cuir Gaeilge ar seo (Translate into Irish)

1. I have a pen. – Tá peann agam.

2. You have chalk. – Tá cailc agat.

3. He has a car. – Tá carr aige.

4. She has a bicycle but she has not a car. – Tá rothar aici ach níl carr aici.

5. We have money but we have not a pound. – Tá airgead againn ach níl punt againn.

6. They have a pound. – Tá punt acu.

7. The teacher has chalk. – Tá cailc ag an múinteoir.

8. What have you got? I have a penny. – Cad tá agat? Tá pingin agam.


PII Answer sheets, html format.
PII Answer sheets, downloadable PDF format.
Irish Dictionary Online.


Cúpla Focal, Litríocht, Cló Iar-Chonnachta.

Progress in Irish (Máiréad Ní Ghráda ) is published by The Educational Company (ISBN 0-86167-159-7).

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  1. Overheard on the Scoil Ghaeilge mailing list:

    >>I finished last night editting all the recordings
    >>that Raymond made. They will all be on CD soon,
    >>God willing, and now I am ready to do the
    >>remaining lessons.
    >>le meas,

    (In case you’re not already subscribing.)


  2. Go raibh maith a Chionaodh! Thanks for letting me know, but I have already subscribed and read the mail a short while ago :)
    I must ask how to get a hold of the CD … do they plan to sell it d’ya know?

  3. >>I must ask how to get a hold of the CD …
    >>do they plan to sell it d’ya know?

    They do; Séamas estimates it’ll be 12 audio CDs at $2.00 each (I imagine this doesn’t include shipping costs). I’ve offered to MP3 them for him, so as to reduce the overall number of CDs for folks with less money to burn. Stay tuned to their mailing list for updates.

    Le meas,

  4. Excellent, i’ll be watching! GRMA a Chionaodh!

  5. Fuair mé na DDí PII cúpla lá ó shin . . .

    10 standard audio CDs cover the entire book’s vocabulary WITH answers. They’ve got the whole thing in MP3 format available on 1 CD. I bought both formats. E-mail if you’d like to get a set.

    The readers are well spoken. I don’t detect a pronunciation bias toward any particular dialect, so the readers probably didn’y grow up with Irish, but it’s certainly good enough for most learners. Students can go to the Gaeltacht and put a bit of “blas” into their Irish once they’ve mastered this stuff.

    I’ve only listened to a few lessons thus far (a sampling from the beginning, middle & end of the book). Most of the recordings evidently began life on a cassette tape (the earlier lessons aren’t terribly crisp audio). The later lessons (with a different speaker) are clearer. All of them have a slight echoey quality which may (I hope) have more to do with my cheap earphone. I might sample of of this into my computer and see if software can sharpen things a bit.

    All in all, a big “maith sibh” to the Gerry Tobin “Scoil Ghaeilge” ( for completing this huge project, especially Séamas Ó Neachtain who brought it to fruition.

  6. Go raibh maith agat a Chionaodh, buíochas as d’eolas!!
    I think i might get the MP3 CD, that would suit me perfectly. Would they ship internation d’ya think? Well I can ask JamusN anyway.
    Thanks again for the info, i’d completely forgotten about this.

  7. >Would they ship internation d’ya think?
    >Well I can ask JamusN anyway.
    >Thanks again for the info, i’d completely
    >forgotten about this.

    I’m sure he would; and it shouldn’t be terribly dear, as he was quoting $2 per CD plus actual shipping cost. Fair enough, indeed!

    There’s been some talk on their mailing list of someone at their school posting the MP3s to a website, and if that’s the plan, you might save yourself the few dollars & just download at your leisure.

  8. note to self: use a spell checker. Internation should have been international but you got the meaning anyway :)

    Downloads would be very handy, but i’ll ask about shipping costs anyway, shouldn’t be too much.

    GRMA arís!