Shocking blunders alleged in police shooting

Some very troubling information has come to light regarding the shooting of Brazilian man Jean Charles de Menezes in London the day after the recent bombings. It is alleged that many of the initial reports of his movements were false. According to ITV De Menezes entered the train station at a normal walking pace, not jumping the barrier as was initially claimed. It is also claimed that he was wearing a light denim jacket and not a bulky padded jacket. One police officer is quoted as saying that he was able to grab De Menezes and pin his arms to the side before the shooting even started. Eleven shots were fired at him, 8 hitting him and 3 missing. According to a witness a man boarded the train and fired his first shot from a handgun at the head of De Menezes from 12 inches away!! Very fucking disturbing I have to say (if true).
Update: De Menezes lawyers meet with IPCC investigators.

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  1. Fucking disgusting. People have been fed a diet of propaganda and smear on this one. How to get the public to contemplate the benefits of a shoot-to-kill policy in 20 easy talking points. All you need is one dead Brazilian.

  2. I hope there is a proper public inquiry and someone gets his balls cut off. I can understand that such situations are tense, especially so soon after the bombings but it looks like they really fucked it up, I don’t see how they can make any excuses for it.

  3. Can’t wait for ATW’s take on this (if they do it, that is)

  4. I watched the feature on ITV myself and the revelations were very disturbing. Heads will roll over this I imagine and rightly so.