Popes first foreign visit

Pope Benedict is setting out on the first foreign visit of his 4 month old pontificate. He is travelling to Cologne in Germany for the Catholic Youth festival.
The Pope was spotted yesterday, pictured below, on his way to Cologne. He has ditched his usual form of transport, the Pope mobile, and chose instead to be carried by Hans Struudlemöller, nicknamed The Struudlemöllermobile, which the Pope claims is more environmentally friendly than the 2.4TD Pope mobile.

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  1. No television insisted on how much all this organization has cost!
    We’re talking hundreds million pounds. There are over one million people that have to be fed twice a day, and all the hype around this visit. All is on Cologne diocese, the richest in Germany.
    I’m sure that this amount of money, whatever it is, would have fed many more starving people in Africa and Asia than tourists in Cologne!