Upgrading wordpress…

…is a nightmare. I suppose if I haven’t have left it for so long it wouldn’t be so difficult but I did so it is. I was on version 1.52 until I upgraded; and the only reason I upgraded was because of some bug in MySQL which was reversing the order of my posts. The big problem I face now is sorting out problems with the incompatible template. I suppose the easiest solution is just to install a compatible template but then it means time trying to edit that to get the look I want and time is something I have very little of these days.
I didn’t get to test any of the plugins so if you have problems with the maths questions or posting in general I’d appreciate it if you could drop me a line.

EDIT: Bear with me while I try out a few new themes…

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  1. This grey template is not bad!

  2. What I miss is the “latest comments” section in the right column… It was useful to understand what articles had been commented lately.

  3. I miss that too; it works with the old template but unfortunately my blogroll and top links don’t work anymore on the old template. but I will be able to add the “latest comments” to this template also (or whatever template i decide to go with).

  4. I think the text in rounded-grey-blog-10 theme is too hard to read, not enough contrast with the background.


  5. Howya Mick!! i’m not staying with that one; i’ll probably try a few until I get time to sit down and butcher one.