Firefox 3 RC 1

I’m a few days late with this but tonight I just noticed that Firefox 3 RC1 has been released! I’ve been using Fx 3 Beta 5 for a while at work and have been very impressed with it so would recommend upgrading to FX 3 asap; RC1 should be stable enough for the masses to install though most of your extensions probably won’t work yet.

On windows: as Gaeilge, suomi, en-gb, no sign of welsh yet.
Mac: as Gaeilge, suomi, en-gb.
Linux: as Gaeilge, suomi, en-gb.

p.s. some languages can be installed as language packs allowing you to switch between various languages if needed. Irish isn’t listed here yet but we’ll see if we can get it up there soon enough. Btw, when I say “we” I mean the Mozilla guys & the ‘Firefox in Irish’ team after I whinge so much that they decide to pacify me by adding it to the list.

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