Final Stunt!

One of my childhood heroes the great Evel Knievel has sadly died after a long illness! He escaped death on countless occasions during his life time of daredevil stunt riding but couldn’t dodge this one.
I think I still have my Evel Knievel motor bike set in the attic at home.

Evel in action:

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  1. I was blessed/cursed to see himself doing stunts at a local college stadium in the mid-70s. Having not much disposable cash at the time, I was reduced to catching glimpses of the show from the backside of the stands through an opening where he’d come to & fro on the bike to turn around. We couldn’t see the actual jumps, mind you, just himself & the bike pre & post jump. Fortunately, he finished unharmed that day, unlike so many other times.

  2. Mid-70′s I was still in nappies ;)
    He was popular here in the late 70′s/early 80′s, would loved to have seen him jump.

  3. The only way I know this name through is a song by Genesis in the LP “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”

  4. I’m not familiar with that Antonio, is one of the songs about him?

  5. Maca, it isn’t a song specificallu about him, but there’s a line where his name appears.
    The song, from the LP “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” (1974), is Riding The Scree and the lyrics is the following:
    Struggling down the slope,
    There’s not much hope.
    I begin to try to ride the scree,
    But the rocks are tumbling all around me.
    If I want John alive,
    I’ve got to ditch my fear-take a dive,
    While I’ve still got my drive to survive.
    Evel Knievel, you got nothing on me.
    Here I go!

    Hope it helps! :-)

  6. “OneForTheRoad” apologies for the delay approving your comment, I didn’t get any notification from wordpress that there was a comment awaiting approval!

    Thanks Antonio! So that’s the only way you know him? You mean you didn’t have an Evel Knievel dare devil stunt set when you were young? ;)

  7. My wee brother (late ’60s vintage fellow) had a stunt set like that.