No to El Tel!

Somehow I doubt John Delaney or anyone in the FAI reads this blog but if, by some odd stroke of luck, they chance upon my wee corner of the blog o’sphere I want my message to be clear…

Do not hire Terry Venables as ROI manager!

We’re sick of chancers and second rate managers! The Irish fans deserve a proper manager.
You only need to look at Terry Venables CV to tell that he is not a good manager.
- He was sacked from Barcelona
- he was sacked as chief executive with Spurs
- he was hired only as “coach” of England and had to leave the job in ’96 because of his dodgy business dealings
- he was with Portsmouth only 11 months and when he left they were bottom of Division 1
- he was with Palace less than a year as the club went into administration
- he was with Boro for just over a year and in fairness probably helped them avoid relegation
- he was sacked from Leeds with the club heading towards relegation
- and now he has been sacked as England assistant manager

He may have international experience, he may have managed some of the biggest clubs in Europe but he sucks as a manager. Just ask any Leeds United fans!

p.s. Roy Hodgson’s contract with Finland expires at the end of the month. Ahem!

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  1. Couldn’t agree more and in case the FAI do read your post send them onto to mine as well –

    LOL admittedly my reasoning is not solely based on Mourinho’s football experience ahem!

  2. Hi Curly!! Will do!! Ya don’t fancy José do ya?? :)

  3. Maca, what do you think ;) ?