I was thinking of a comeback post … but I don’t do thinking very well

Yesterday I said that I’d missed blogging in the few months I’ve been off … that few months is actually nearly 8 months! Time flies when you’re not blogging!

My situation hasn’t changed at all much really, time is still an issue. However I noticed in these intervening months the urge to voice my opinion on certain issues and without the blog I felt I had no voice.
There was nowhere I could go and shout about shite Irish drivers, the failure of both the Irish rugby and soccer teams, the ridiculous airport security measures I faced recently, Sligo Co.Co. who I’m not pleased with at the moment, the weather, the whatever.
Without Raiméis I was forced to keep my opinions to myself … something I just don’t like doing, as you may have figured out by now.

I’m a Facebook user, god knows why; it’s a pile of shite, but Facebook isn’t much of an outlet unless you find a good discussion forum and some people to chat with. And those are few and far between. I’d also given up on other outlets such as Slugger.

So back to Raiméis it is. Poor yous. And off I go now to find something to whinge about.

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  1. Here you are at last!!!
    It’s good to read from you again :-)

  2. And I’d like to read something about the weather. I and my wife were in Ireland again in June for our holidays and found a miserable weather!
    I mean, we know and are used to your unpredictable and wet weather, and I can find it good under a certain point of view, but this year was even worse than last one and our feeling was to flee from there and come back home where the sun shines.
    But now that we are here again we feel “homesick” of Ireland…
    Well, that’s all, I’d just like to read an opinion about the weather written by someone who knows it well.
    Thanks :-)

  3. Hey Antonio!!! Good to hear from you!

    Don’t get us started on the weather! It was really shit this year. We had some nice mild weather in September/October so we’re calling that “summer”. Now it is cold, a little wet and miserable. I’d much rather be in Italy, I suggest you stay there in future instead of coming to Ireland ;)

  4. Hi Maca,
    I never gave up visiting your blog in these past months. I used to pay a visit to these pages at least once a week. In fact I found the latest news from you almost in time.
    I’ll try and keep your advice in mind if ever I happen to plan a new trip next year ;-)

  5. Thanks Antonio! I hope I can come up with some good posts to keep you interested, at the moment I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things and am still a bit rusty! :)