Raiméis … wha? I thought that blog was dead!

On the canvas alright, but not out for the count. I’ve missed blogging and might just have to start up again to release all these pent up feeling that have been stirrin’ this past few months.
While I try to think of a comeback post I’ll leave you with something I spotted today.

The following is a sponsored link which I noticed in Gmail earlier on today …

unlock ad

However clicking the link when you have Google Desktop installed yields a Badware Alert …

unlock ad

So you pay Google for advertising yet they warn visitors to your site that it may harm their computer. Seems a tad wrong doesn’t it?

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  1. Jaysus Maca, how the divil are ye? A nice surprise to see a Raiméis entry popping onto my RSS reader! Coincidentally, I was thinking of you only today, as I was paying a flying visit to Shligo, and that I should have given you a shout.

    Never mind, I’ll be back again before long…

    (I’d forgotten about your frickin’ maths question :) )

  2. Howya G!! How’s the family? Definitely giz a buzz next time you’re passing through, especially if it’s between Dec 11th and x-mas as I’ll be a “free man” for a couple of weeks.

  3. Like Lazarus so y’are.
    Fáilte thar n-ais.

  4. A Chionaoidh a chara, go raibh maith agat! Cén chaoi a bhfuil tú?

  5. Comhghairdeas leat a Chionaoidh … no, comhghairdeas libh even!! Hope the wee fella is doing well!

    p.s. tá “buachaill nua” againn freisin, rugadh sé ag deireadh mí Iúil :)

    p.p.s the Irish is a bit rusty.

  6. GRMA as ucht na focail maithe, agus maith sibh maidir le bhur nuacht féin!

    p.p.s the Irish is a bit rusty.

    Cuir snas air!


  7. GRMA. It’s our 2nd also.

    Lol, it’s more than a polish it needs unfortunately :)