National anthems and walloping the English.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend’s game in Croker … who isn’t?? I’d love to be there, the atmosphere is going to be amazing!! It’ll be even better if Ireland finally turn on the style after two disappointing performances against the Welsh and the French.

There are two things I am really hoping for on Saturday. The first is that Ireland give England that thrashing of their lives, that England walk away bruised and battered after an almighty thumping by the men in green. Not only should they go home with crushed pride, cuts, bruises, stretched sinews, torn ligaments and even broken bones, they should go home with a feeling of ‘what the fuck just happened’ after been physically battered on the field and aurally battered by 80,000 crazed Irish men and women surrounding the pitch in Croke Park.

The second thing I am hoping for is what when England step onto the field that the English team and their national anthem gets treated with respect. They are our nearest neighbours and friends and let’s be honest they’re a decent aul bunch. Let us remember that some of our own team are British, some of our own team sing God Save the Queen with as much pride and passion as their team mates sing Amhrán na bhFiann (those who know the words that is). So to denigrate the English and their national anthem is not only an insult to our closest neighbours it is an insult to some of our own on the field and in the stands who will be wearing green on Saturday. The whole reason they brought out Ireland’s Call was out of respect for our British compatriots, so that the rugby following people of both British and Irish traditions on this island would have a common anthem to sing. It doesn’t mean they have given up on their own anthem. When God Save the Queen rings out this weekend remember it’s the anthem of some of our own, so threat it with the respect you’d treat Amhrán na bhFiann.

So I say welcome the English team to Croker, cheer them onto the field, stand silently for their national anthem and when the whistle blows beat the livin’ shite out of them!!! C’MON IRELAND!!!!!!!!!

Edit: Ireland 43-13 England

Simply magnificent!

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  1. We can always sing alternative lyrics, like these ones here

  2. Don’t think they’d be impressed if we sung that :)

  3. They are our nearest neighbours


  4. Opps, yeah, apologies Rhys, that didn’t come out right. I kinda meant Great Britain not specifically England :)
    Hard luck today btw, I was really hoping you’d thump the French.

  5. They are our nearest neighbours and friends and let’s be honest they’re a decent aul bunch.

    After they (relatively) recently stopped running Loyalist deathn squads in NI, I think you mean.

  6. That’s not what I meant actually.