Weird habits

Bhuel, after getting tagged by both UI & Fi I guess I better show you just how “weird” I am.

• I ‘air drum’, sad I know. But not to Europe or any groovy bands like that, usually Audioslave or U2.
• I sing when driving in a very high pitched dreadfully off key voice which has been known to cause motorway pile-ups
• I square things off, I like everything on my table to be all squared away at nice neat 90° angles, no screwball 37°, 45° or 68° angles for me
• I pace when i’m on the phone, usually all over the house.
• I blog. very weird habit, I write my inane musings on a website which for some unknown reason other bloggers torture themselves by actually reading.

Sin an méid.
And the 5 I choose …

Joblog, The NI Magyar, Most Sincerely Folks, Ah Sure Ya Know Yerself, Winds & Breezes

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  1. Aye, popular girl :)

  2. Maca
    I’ll sort it out after Xmas (like the gas, water and electricity bills, mortgage etc etc!)

  3. Don’t worry about it Paul, I thought it might not be up your street anyway.

  4. “I pace when i’m on the phone, usually all over the house.”
    Well, this is the same weird habit I have :-)