Fowl play in Cavan

I just had to laugh.
Drivers were warned today to beware of chickens crossing the road in Cavan.”
Why, were they armed? Were they targeting civilian vehicles? Perhaps they were the armed wing of the chicken resistance group, Cairde na nÉan? Or maybe a viscious splinter group, An Briogáid Eireog?
The response by the Gardaí was “We don’t do chickens”. Too busy swallowing burgers in Supermacs I suppose.

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  1. I was wondering if it was really April Fool’s day this morning when I heard this story! The funniest part is when the AA girl warned that the chickens were laying eggs on the road and making it slippy! It just cracked me up! (har de har har)

  2. Chickens are trying to take over the world.
    From one side they are infecting the planet with H5N1 virus, from the other side they make roads slippery to kill those humans immune to virus ;-)

  3. Perhaps they were the armed wing of the chicken resistance group, Cairde na nÉan? Or maybe a viscious splinter group, An Briogáid Eireog?

    My four dogs certainly think chickens are a viscious splinter group; these fowl fiends purposely grow their bones in such a way that innocent dogs will hurt themselves on bone splinters when they eat them.


  4. Some Cavan farmer involved in the incident was on Raidio Eireann with Ryan Tubridy who seemed to be enjoying himself making smart-alec, chicken-related gags until the farmer cut him short with: “Ryan, I have to be going. There’s a lot of work needs doing.” CLICK / BRRR…..

    Politicans take note: THAT’S how to get out of awkward questions.

  5. “It just cracked me up!” don’t give up the day job Fi ;)

  6. Yeah laugh now. But if you trip up as a result of these chickens then you’ll be left with egg on your face!

  7. Traffic on the N55 was reduced to one lay-n apparently…

  8. Arrgh…Jokes like that will leave you without a leg to stand on.

  9. …and the cops advised motorists to be eggstra careful…

  10. I’m going to have to block posting if ye don’t lay off with the jokes. Hen-estly lads, I avian-t a clue what else I can do. And don’t think of giving me the bird cos I’ll know. I rule the roost here remember! :)

  11. Whoops! Looks like maca’s feathers have been ruffled. Sheesh! It’s like walking on eggshells around here sometimes…

  12. Desperate yolk altogether!

  13. I can’t beleive that no one has made a “why did the chicken cross the road” comment. Such self restraint is commnedable!

  14. Aileen,
    I saw a comics on the web some years ago, in which a chicken on one side of a road was asking a chicken on the other side:
    “How do I get on the other side?”
    And the second chicken replied
    “You ARE on the other side!”

  15. Hey Maca, you’ve been tagged by me if you dare to take up the challenge!

  16. Always a pleasure being tagged by you Fi :)
    You’re the second person to tag me with this one so I guess I better do it.

  17. Q.Why did the chicken cross the Mobius Strip?
    A.To get to the SAME side of course! Fnarrr Fnarr