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the numbers (na hUimhreacha): explanations

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  1. expressions like “as a threesome “, “as a foursome “, etc. are formed with the preposition i and the possessive pronoun: Bhí siad ina n-ochtar ann = they were there as a group of eight. (lit.: “were they in-their eight[-man] there “); Rinne muid inár gcúigear é = we did it as a group of five

    That might come in handy. :-)

  2. Maca oh guru of web stuff can you tell me if my site looks ok using firefox please? I made butterflys! I’m proud of myself!

  3. “Aon focail, dha focail, triur focail eile…and I not knowin’ no focial at all”
    – Richie Kavanagh, musician, artist, legend and a man who truly knew his numbers as Gaeilge.

  4. Hi Fi, looks fine in Firefox & Opera. Though perhaps the butterflies are a little bit too strong, they’re a bit off putting when reading the text there. IMO.

    Deaglan, why oh why!?! I thought I had wiped that guy from memory but you had to bring him back!! ;)

  5. You’re a star Maca thanks!
    I have that bloody song in my head now! Thats not a good start to the weekend!

  6. Ah lads c’mon….in all fairness…that’s an awful fecking song to be stuck in your head.How about a few verses of “My Lovely Horse”?