Rosa Parks dies

I’m saddened to read of the death of Rosa Parks who died at her home in Detroit, Michigan last night at the age of 92.
Besides the Rev Martin Luther King Jr. Rosa Parks must be the most famous person of the American civil rights era, indeed she’s often known as “The Mother of the Modern-day Civil Rights Movement”. Her refusal to give up her seat on a bus to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama in December 1955 and her resulting arrest inspired the civil rights movement. Following Rosa’s arrest a young Rev Martin Luther King Jr organised a 381 day mass boycott of the bus system which led to a court ruling desegregating public transportation in Montgomery and eventually to the 1964 Civil Rights Act which outlawed race discrimination in the US.
Of course there was more to Rosa’s life than that one bus incident. One of the things she should be remembered for is the co-founding of the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development which aims to help young people pursue educational opportunities, get them registered to vote and work toward racial peace. She was a true icon and should long be remembered for her courage.
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  1. Hi Maca,
    yes Rosa parks should be remembered—They say the first step in changing the world is to change yourself—I bet she was truly shocked by what an effect her personal act of defiance against unjust laws had–she was very brave to do something like that at such a time and at such a location–a true hero of the 20 th century —rest in peace Rosa

  2. Maca,
    You’ll love this.I work at the new Air and Space museum just outside Washington DC.Last week the word came down that the flag was to be lowered to half- mast in honour of Rosa Parks.The flag was supposed to be lowered from 0001 hrs until sunset and as I work the midnight shift ’twas up to meself to do the deed.No bother until I come in to work the following night and see the flag STILL at half mast.Useless bastards “forgot” all about it.So once again ’twas up to the Irish immigrant to do the honours for Ms.Parks.Quite sad really.
    On a lighter note we have an actual space shuttle out in the back hangar for your asteroid mission.I have a mug o’scald and a Kit Kat underneath the feckin thing every night.

  3. i was sad to find out that roda parks had died i luv her and knew every thing about glad she died in the company of friends then juss buy her self. Im glad she did not have to die in great pain. i know every thing about hurr. Im glad she was the kind of women she was today. may god rest hurr soul. Rosa Parks lives in the soul of many people