Kerr gets the boot

So Brian Kerr is gone. I can’t say i’m sorry to see him go. He’s a decent man but wasn’t up to scratch as manager. There was no excuse for Ireland’s dreadful performance throughout the qualification campaign. I wonder who’ll take over. I hope it’s not Bobby Robson. Alex Ferguson, David O’Leary, Martin O’Neill and Kenny Dalglish have also been linked with the job though Ferguson has ruled himself out.

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  1. I dunno – if we don’t get O’Neill then it won’t have been worth it. The bunch being touted are a bunch of spoofers (a near octogenarian, Joe “I did ok making Wimbledon play head tennis” Kinnear, Troussier AGAIN ffs).

    God knows Kerr did not impress me, but that job takes a while to get right and our pool of players is very weak.

  2. O’Neill would be my favourite, followed by O’Leary perhaps. I hadn’t thought of Kinnear, hope he doesn’t get it.

    You’re right the pool is weak, but it was neer so strong. We need a manager who can make something of what we have. It’s a tough job!

  3. Yeah, but why should O’Neill take all the grief, and bear the deludedly high expectations of an entire nation, when he can just sit it out for a while longer and get the Man U job for oodles of lovely money?