Progress in Irish: Lesson 3

Lesson 3 of Progress in Irish. More vocabulary: nouns and adjectives

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Freagair (Answer)

1. Cad tá dúnta? What is shut? – Tá an doras dúnta. The door is shut.

2. Cad tá oscailte? What is open? – Tá an fhuinneog oscailte. The window is open.

3. Cad tá briste? What is broken? – Tá an peann briste. The pen is broken.

4. Cad tá stróicthe? What is torn? – Tá an leabhar stróicthe. The book is torn.

5. Cad tá caillte? What is lost? – Tá an t-airgead caillte. The money is lost.

6. Cad tá caite. What is worn out? – Tá an bhróg caite. The shoe is worn out.

7. Cad tá déanta? What is done? – Tá an obair déanta. The work is done.

8. Cad tá críochnaithe? What is finished? – Tá an ceacht críochnaithe. The lesson is finished.

9. Cad tá scríofa? What is written? – Tá an litir scríofa? The letter is written.

10. Cé tá imithe? Who is gone away? – Tá an fear imithe. The man is gone away.

Cuir Gaeilge ar seo (Translate into Irish)

1. The door is open. – Tá an doras oscailte.

2. The window is shut. – Tá an fhuinneog dúnta.

3. The pencil is broken. – Tá an peann luaidhe briste.

4. The book is lost. – Tá an leabhar caillte.

5. The coat is worn out. – Tá an cóta caite.

6. The work is finished. – Tá an obair críochnaithe.

7. The lesson is written. – Tá an ceacht scríofa.

8. The child is gone away. – Tá an páiste imithe.

9. The pen is lost. – Tá an peann caillte.

10. The book is torn. – Tá an leabhar stróicthe.

11. The box is closed. – Tá an bosca dúnta.

12. The shoe is worn out. – Tá an bhróg caite.

13. The window is broken. – Tá an fhuinneog briste.

14. The letter is finished. – Tá an litir críochnaithe.

15. The woman is gone away. – Tá an bhean imithe.

16. The road is long. – Tá an bóthar fada.

17. Brian is laughing. – Tá Brian ag gáire.

18. Sean is coming in. – Tá Seán ag teacht isteacht.


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Irish Dictionary Online.


Cúpla Focal, Litríocht, Cló Iar-Chonnachta.

Progress in Irish (Máiréad Ní Ghráda ) is published by The Educational Company (ISBN 0-86167-159-7).

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  1. Hey there I’ve just come across your site and really like the way its laid out and the content. The Irish classes will mean I’ll definately be a regular visitor as I ned to spruce up on my Gaeilge by the end of the year in order to pass an exam! Cheers Fi

  2. Hi Fi, welcome to the site and thanks for the comments :)
    You won’t get much sprucing up done here i’m afraid, my own Irish is dreadful and the Progress in Irish lessons are quite basic. Still, I plan to post all the lessons in the book (70 or so), so I hope they are of some help to you. What exam is it that you’re doing?