Dead newborn found in skip

Help me understand exactly how this works … yesterday the body of a newborn baby was found in a skip in Limerick. Gardaí naturally are appealing for the mother to come forward. What troubles me is the line in this report “no evidence of foul play”. Surely being left to die (i’m making the huge assumption that the baby was not still-born) is foul play? I know i’m being an insensitive bastard, because god only knows what the poor (probably teenage) mother went through, but I find it disgusting that someone could leave a defenceless baby in a friggin skip with rats and heck knows what else in there!
Putting on my sensitive cap again, yes I do feel for the mother, and this is just another of many many such incidents in Ireland over the years and I believe it’s something Irish society should be totally ashamed of, that this sort of thing can still happen in 2005. What does it say about us that young pregnant mothers are too frightened to come forward to find help? And if they do what kind of bastard parent would refuse help (no doubt happened at some stage)?
Also in the linked report “infant girl … abandoned at Tara Street DART station”. What the fuck is wrong with some people?

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  1. I agree maca. This kind of thing is very disturbing.