Monthly Archives: September 2008

Slang dictionary

I haven’t had time at all at all for posting recently. Apologies. Tings are hectic. To keep up amused here’s a cool site I discovered today Irish Slang Dictionary. Of course everyone else probably discovered it yonks ago but I’m a bit behind the times these days. Talk soon! Maca p.e. a few referrals wouldn’t [...]

A welcome to the new Gaelscoileanna

The kids are back to school this week throughout the country; indeed some started back last week. My own wee one, as I mentioned previously, has transferred to a Gaelscoil and is settling in well despite not having much Irish. I’m a big supporter of Gaelscoileanna; there is no better way of learning the language [...]

We briefly tried to set up a hurling club in Finland some years back; here’s a mail the now non-existent club got this morning: Dear sir, The management of Admiral sports international Lfc, which to express their mission and goals in sport to your adorable and magnificent football club. We are into seeking, scouting and [...]

Fun with headlines

You know things are bad when i have to resort to taking the piss of news headlines just to fill up a bit of space here 1. EU will send monitors to Georgia Monitors are being packed as we speak (EU declared officially stupider than George Bush): 2. Bolivia’s president lands in Iran … setting [...]

Google’s new web browser: Google Chrome

Today is the day Google are set to release a windows beta version of their new web browser Google Chrome (edit: @ 4am Irish time apparently). I for one am not too excited but I suppose I’ll download, test and uninstall it just to satisfy my curiosity. If you want to get an idea of [...]