French man loses plot and beats child into coma

Crazy act of the day … Some French guy decided to bring his 4 year old daughter to Italy and for some reason proceeded to beat her head into a monument until he put her into a coma.

Should a man who was apparently “undergoing psychiatric treatment” be allowed to care for a small child? I feel for anyone suffering from mental problems, it’s so much more harder to deal with than a physical disability IMO, but if he was well enough to be allowed to care for a child then he’s well enough to face punishment so forgive me for wishing he’d get a good kicking.

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  1. Yeah, it’s been a tragic news!
    I can’t understand how his wife could leave her child in such a misfit’s hands and go on a holiday in Turkey.
    And I can’t understand how the French family the man and the child were living with agreed to let them go to an unknown destination.
    The latest news says that the child is still in critical conditions in the hospital where various equipments are keeping her alive.

  2. I don’t know; it’s crazy. Poor child; it will take a long time to recover both physically and mentally.