It’s been a bit quiet around here recently…

… in case you haven’t noticed. Work is unfortunately infringing on my personal life, more so that its done before. Late nights and early mornings are becoming the norm these days. The end is in sight though; another few weeks should see things back to normal. Hopefully; so bear with me in the mean time.

You may also have noticed that workpress seems to be taking on a life of its own. It has decided, without consulting me I might add, to reorder the posts on my blog … the most recent post is now at the bottom of the page.
And it doesn’t end there; it also seems to have screwed up the RSS feeds as I am getting a lot of old posts coming though on Google Reader. In addition the 15 “most recent” posts it shows in the admin pages are actually the very earliest 15 posts I made on this blog.

Perhaps it’s time to update wordpress … i’m only about a year or so behind everyone else!

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  1. I’m always here, every one or two days, but I’ noticed that something was going wrong with the posts.

  2. Yeah, it was a real pain in the ass. At least it is fixed, now I just need to fix the theme!

    And thanks for visiting so often, I appreciate having you here and commenting on the site :) )

  3. No need to thank me, I found your post interesting, I learn something new every now and then, especially when you write about Irish things.

  4. Well thanks anyway, I appreciate it!!