Ah, push it – push it real good

Here’s a mobile application worth trying out … emoze
A PUSH email solution for everyone!

One of the things I missed a lot when I switched from an i-mode Sony Ericsson back to a Nokia was the lack of push email. That problem is now solved thanks to emoze. It’s free and it works with outlook, lotus and Gmail! Ooh babay babay, b-b-ba-babay. Ok … sorry … got that feckin’ tune stuck in my mind now.

Anyway I wouldn’t foist this on you unless I had tested it … I have and it works pretty good! On the two email tests I did both mails arrived within 1 minute.
I did have quite a few issues getting it working at the beginning and occasionally it didn’t seem to fully connect even after waiting for ages plus in general it can be very slow to start up but you hardly need to start it too often anyway.
The file you’ll need to install is over 1Mb so I recommend downloading it to your PC … unless you’re like some people and have unlimited downloads for a ridiculously low monthly fee!
Even despite the few negatives there it might prove itself to be a useful little app.

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