That’s better!

Much much better from Ireland tonight who finally get their first point of the campaign against the Czech Republic [note for Bill O'Herlihy, it's not Czechoslovakia!]. It was a good performance and in some ways we were unlucky not to take all three points from the game. The sad thing is that it took Saturday’s humiliation to motivate the team enough to turn out such a performance. What we saw tonight we should have seen last Saturday, in the game against Germany and in previous games. We still have problems to fix but at least we should get some encouragement from tonights game, the lads showed great commitment, urgency and hunger, something missing from previous games. The young lads played well especially the man of the match McShane and goalie Henderson, we might have a couple of future stars there.
The depressing thing for me is that Stan is still the manager. I just don’t have any faith in him, I don’t believe he can motivate the team or get what’s needed out of them. What we need to be aiming for now is at least a 3rd place finish, which will mean we need to play as good as if not better than we played tonight in each remaining game. Can we do it? That remains to be seen. Anyway, well done Ireland!

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