Shame in Nicosia

My second attempt at putting my thoughts into words after tonights depressing game. I had a really long post written about it, about the players and about Stan but i’ve cooled down now and rewritten it.

Tonight was embarrassing. The performance was nothing short of shameful. It’s our most embarrassing defeat in decades, the draw in Liechtenstein years ago pales in significance to tonights game. Who’s to blame? The players for lack of commitment and for an awful awful display of what I thought was supposed to be soccer. And Stan. I was shocked when he was appointed manager, I thought it was a mistake and I think it would be a bigger mistake to suffer through 3.5 more years of poor results and performances before replacing him. Building for the future my hole.

On Wednesday we face the Czech Rep and that will be our Euro campaign over, after only three games. I’m too cheesed off to say any more.

Edit: Still pissed off after yesterday’s game but I got up this morning and stuck on my Ireland t-shirt. In the dark times all you can do is stand by your team. Hope they make some serious changes though, in attitude or otherwise.

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  1. This result almost made me feel better about Wales’ 1-5 defeat at home. Did Cyprus play well or was it the Irish making them look good by playing so bad? Hope they Cypriots won’t be on too much of a high and trounce us on Wednseday

    I’ve seen Wales play much worse than they did on Saturday mind and manage to only lose by a goal or two :-)

  2. Rhys
    Cyprus were very ordinary and their defence was poor but we played so shockingly bad we made them look live Brazil. It was far and away the worst performance I have ever seen from Ireland.

    We’ll be playing Wales next March … we’ll have to get things sorted out before then :)